Aesthetic Dentistry

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Aesthetic Dentistry
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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is not only about the esthetic display of the teeth but also about the color and display of the gingiva, the position and form of the lips, and the appearance of the smile inside the person’s whole face. This is the main reason why current smile design treatments not only interest the aesthetic dentist, but also the periodontologist, a dermatologist or possibly a plastic surgeon. Dental and periodontal treatment affects the person’s smile, facial esthetics, psychology and social interactions.

Some factors that affect the person’s smile are the smile line, the harmony of the teeth form and the person’s facial structures. (Women have more rounded edges with teeth and an upward curvature of the smile line. Men have more cornered teeth edges and a straighter smile line.)

Other factors are the accordance of the midline of teeth and the face, the locations and positions of the teeth, the teeth color, the size of the teeth, the healthy/inflamed display of the gingiva or too much display of gingiva (gummy smile), the form and size of the lips.

One of the most important features is the golden ratio. This is both about the ratio of the teeth compared to the face, and the ratio between the two central incisors and the lateral incisors or the next teeth in the smile line. For instance, if the width of the central incisor is 100 units, the lateral incisor’s width should be estimate 60 units, and so on. Also, the ratio between the teeth’s width and length are important with the golden standard.

General aesthetic concerns of patients are eroded (worn), stained or colored, small, fractured, distanced, crowded teeth. Some of the treatment are: Porcelain laminate veneers, zirconium and empress crowns, bleaching and whitening, orthodontic treatment, esthetic fillings, bonding and laser dentistry.