Non-Surgical Implants

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Non-Surgical Implants
2-3 days
Non-Surgical Implants

The microscope has introduced a non-invasive era to dental implant treatment and the first surgeon to use a microscope for placing dental implants. He is recognized as the leading authority on minimally invasive dental implants.
Microsurgical techniques create a surgical site with the smallest possible opening and the implant can be positioned in the exact center of the opening, precisely aligned for ideal aesthetics and function.
(insert case photos from same page on existing site, but add testimonial – and possibly the pre-op x-ray of failed root canal if available)
When a tooth is removed, the socket serves as a natural opening for implant placement. In addition, bone shavings formed during reshaping the socket to accept an implant are collected and recycled around the implant. This facilitates healing and creates a stronger implant.